Three Steps to a Profitable Twitter Account – Find Out What You’re Missing

Three Steps to a Profitable Twitter Account - Find Out What You're Missing

If you are wanting to start your own social media business, you need to understand that you always have to work to make money. You don’t always have to have millions of followers, you don’t always have to be the best photographer and content writer online, and you don’t even need to have the greatest product. Those things come with time and the experience you learn along the way. But what you need to have is a solid plan of action to help you get ahead and make money fast.

I’m going to give you three tried and true ways to start making money from the social media industry. You’re probably seeing them in action already. People are raking in massive amounts of money from Twitter. Because of that, probably you’re considering starting one of your own.

Step 1: Start recruiting an army of followers

One very easy way to do this is by offering your services. Many people like to stay at home and do anything else but work and make money. Entering the social media world is a great way to start a business selling yourself and your services.

Everyone has some talent you can use. They could be singing, golfing, writing, or gardening, you get the point. Go out and look for someone you know online who is struggling to make money using Nagapoker. Ask them if they have any advice for you.

Then go to Twitter’s search function and search for keywords that explain how to do what the person you’re talking about is struggling with. Twitter is a hugely popular site with millions and millions of people. If you’re in the right market you can find prospects for your services.

Step 2: Get to know them

Your prospects are people who are looking to solve a problem. They are typically online in some way looking for answers to their problems. So when you interact on Twitter you have the ability to connect in ways you couldn’t before.

The real key here is to get to know them. Do something interesting with all the information you can gather simply through your research. Find out what questions they are asking and how. Can you help them with the problems they have?

If you can help someone out and you provide a solution, you just may capture an incredible amount of followers before they even click to your website. Those followers will be the ones taking your offer to the people they know and trust. You want to be the one connecting them to the solutions that will get them results.

Step 3: Follow those you follow

When you follow someone on Twitter you are added to their follow list. It usually takes 5 to 7 days to be added to the following list if you are following someone that’s about the same size as you are. That means you have to wait another 5 to 7 days to see just someone (or 2) who is in your market.

If you are at the right size you’ll find someone you feel comfortable following. You can get this information by going to the people you follow on Twitter and finding the fill out a searchable online form to access the “Find People.”

On desktop, you have more flexibility with the searchable screen because you can select different results from the list. In mobile, you can use search anywhere and just by clicking on the many different people you find.

As you gain knowledge you can begin to use what you learned to make more money for yourself. Follow these three steps, and you’ll start to make some noise on Twitter. Start using them today.