It’s the Season for Christmas Slot Machines

It's the Season for Christmas Slot Machines

It’s the season for turkey, presents, and maybe jackpots on Christmas slot machines!

Most casinos and companies have a range of slots with an Xmas theme which they hope will be a fun play for slots fans during December time.

Two of the more recent releases, Return of the Rudolph and Santa Strikes Back, put a good twist on the traditional Christmas slot machines. Return of the Rudolph has the red-nosed reindeer take a psychotic turn where he’s out to batter everyone in sight to get the presents from the usual factory populated by elves. Santa Strikes Back sees the bearded Kris Kringle meat out his revenge in some style. It’s not exactly in the caring and giving spirit of the season, but it is at least a novel idea.

The newest Christmas video slot machine out there kind of plays on this theme. Santa’s Wild Ride is one of the new breed of slots that gets rid of the traditional winning lines and instead offers 243 ways to win. Again the Santa here is a little on the lairy side, I might add, but he seems to be having a good time anyway. It’s kind of funny to see someone else have a good time, and especially when you’re winning.

If you are looking to check out a more traditional and wholesome slot, then there is jingle bells, a three-reel old fashioned slot that kind of feels like a ride on the reels of an Aladdin attraction. Triple Diamond, let’s hope the girls are into this one, it’s a five reel, 20 pay-line machine that the girls will definitely juices up, then know what kind of girl would want to pop the question to you in a bar in St. Porn.

But what about the good old Third Street, with its abandoned Christmas theme and the holly and Christmas trees amidst the stars and reindeer on the reels? Wouldn’t it be a nice to think that some brilliant man or woman apiece could come up with a better theme and a more wholesome feel for slots?

Well, Jackpotjoy have my witness and I’ll wager that they are onto something, that this is a person to follow, that there are more than just reindeer on the reels and that jingle bells could be the answer to Australian online pokies. Jackpotjoy have introduced their slot aptly named Fruit Machine EXTRA, an “online slot MPO500“.

They have taken the classic three reel slots and converted them into five reel slots, so that you have a variety of winning strategies. You can decide on how many levels to play, how many coins to wager and start a multiplier. It is all up to you to decide how you want to play. The bonus game gives you the chance of scooping the biggest jackpot in the game, without having to drop all your coins. Watch the announced jackpot, then listen carefully to the sound of the spinning reels and you’ll be surprised to hear the sounds of falling fruit.

As part of the promotions, there is an Australian eagle on the payslip and when you press the “triple” or the “scoop” button, the reels will spin three times faster and three times farther away from the starting position. The sound of the bells and the lights and the blinking reels are exactly the same in this version as well. The odds have also been changed to be maybe more even or maybe less even, it’s up to you to decide.

I love the mimicking of slot machines, and the One Million Thunder ball promotion is no exception. The Thunder ball wild symbol is a wild icon which can be substituted for other symbols to form a winning combination. There is also a chance to win a five thousand dollar prize, which is not bad. This is what the slot machine game is all about. It’s not uncommon to find slot games that can be won with as low as five cents. The mantra of winning big is not one that is talked about too often. I think we can agree that a slot machine game of one dollar can be won easily.